Heartbeats for Kids


Through Diagnostics4Life the DxPx supports the Elterninitiative herzkranker Kinder Köln, e.V.

With diagnostics4Life, DxPx has now launched a charity project to not only insure broader visibilty of the value of innovation in the diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine and life science tool sector in daily life but to also directly support those affected by limited diagnostics solutions. In 2021 we therefore decided to work together with the parents’ initiative for children with heart disease in Cologne (Elterninitiative herzkranker Kinder Köln, e.V. (EI).


The DxPx Conference and it's partners

The initiators of DxPx have always been driven by the idea of improving the healthcare system. For these reasons they have founded and built several diagnostics & life science tools startups as entrepreneurs. By establishing DxPx they aim to improve financing & M&A transactions to ensure that much-needed innovations get to market.


This is how the E.I. helps children and their families

In 1987 the parents’ initiative for children with heart disease was founded at the Clinic for Pediatric Cardiology at the University of Cologne to improve the children’s situation. Our main voluntary task and strength has been the exchange of experiences and mutual personal support and accompaniment of the families concerned for 34 years. We currently have 165 member families.
We initiate and finance special offers: regular get-togethers, get-togethers for the whole family, parent cafes, activities for children with heart disease and their siblings, seminars for mothers or fathers or siblings, weekly climbing training, climbing and riding workshops, family weekends, seminars.
We provide unbureaucratic financial help in individual cases. Our office is manned 4 days a week as a contact and interface for affected families and interested people.


Every child is different

He's a cheerful child - real teaser

Pulmonary atresia, ccTGA with pulmonary hypertension

Get to know Piet

8,000 children per year
are born with a heart disease in Germany alone

over 50 %
need open heart surgery

for 34 years
the E.I. has been helping families through these difficult times

She does not only conquer mountains, but also her own disease

Congenital vascular malformation

Get to know Juli

Elterninitiative herzkranker Kinder, Köln e.V.

With its many projects the Elterninitiative herzkranker Kinder Köln e.V. not only cares about the affected children, but
every family member automatically being involved in a life full of special challenges. The many photos of the different
actions show that the help arrives where it is needed. But please – see for yourself.