Creating a World of Difference by Conquering Cancer

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Creating a World of Difference with Diagnostics4Life and Conquer Cancer™, the ASCO Foundation

As DxPx Conference teams up different kind of stakeholders, e.g. founders and investors, we would like to encourage our participants to increase everybody‘s impact in our US charity project. It is launched with the vision to support communities that need further innovation. While DxPx Conference gathers founders of companies focusing on Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, and Life Science Tools, we wanted to have more impact on the DxPx participation of every person.

In 2022, we are working with Conquer Cancer, the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s foundation, for this initiative of raising awareness on conquering cancer and spreading the value our industries provide to our society. Every DxPx participant will have the opportunity to foster our chosen DxPx charity, Conquer Cancer, as 5% of the income from ticket sales and sponsoring from our industry partners will be donated. We are hopeful that these proceeds will help create a world of difference in cancer care and help patients who heavily depend on diagnostics to improve their quality of life.


the DxPx Conference and its partners

The founders of the DxPx Conference have always been motivated and inspired to improve the healthcare system. They have founded and built several companies focusing on diagnostics and life science tools. By establishing DxPx, they aim to bring people together to explore financing, licensing, and M&A opportunities and meet global leaders, investors & innovative growth companies from 30+ countries.

More about our selected charity:

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation

Conquer Cancer funds research for every cancer, every patient, everywhere. Since 1984, its Grants & Awards program has awarded more than $146 million through more than 2,400 grants and awards to improve cancer care and accelerate breakthroughs in clinical and translational oncology research. Conquer Cancer donors support vital programs needed to deliver the highest quality, equitable patient care and share a vision of a world where cancer is prevented or cured, and every survivor is healthy. For more information visit:

Your support to Diagnostics4Life can go a long way!

Take a look at these stories from patients connected to Conquer Cancer.

Researchers funded by Conquer Cancer are making amazing advances in the treatment and prevention of cancer, thanks to contributions from people like you.

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